O2C offers Graphic Design Services, Marketing Campaign and Promotional Materials as well as Wedding Stationery & Materials and All Occasion Invitations.


MILITARY– 10% discount to military employees

BRIDAL BUNDLES – When you purchase three wedding items from O2C (i.e. wedding invites, koozies, programs, table numbers/escort cards, seating charts, apparel items, shower or bachelorette items etc.), receive 10% off your additional orders excluding your invites. This discount can be used by your wedding party as well for your bridal shower invites and bachelorette party materials, so send your bridesmaids to me for your shower and bachelorette party items to save 10%.

Breakdown Example:
Item 1 – Wedding Invites = Full Price
Item 2 – Shower Invites = 10% Off
(when a third item is purchased)
Item 3 – Wedding Programs = 10% Off
Item 4 – Koozies = 10% Off

Ordered items of 4 or more will also qualify for 10% off.

About me, my experience and some other tidbits…

Kate Bohnert

Designer and Owner, Kate Bohnert

I have been designing since 2004. I began learning pre-press at a printing company, experienced six years in the finance industry, worked a year in entertainment and gaming industry and now I’m learning so much in the food and beverage industry. As I have lots of experience in lots of areas, I can say I’m a) a PRO at disclosures b) a master at tasting ice cream and c) most importantly, when you work with me, you are in good hands!

My career started in print design (business cards, logo design, brochures, forms, etc.) but after a few years doing that, I decided to broaden my horizons and I learned web design and email marketing. I’m not programmer or developer by any means, but I am a pro at html and css! While I learned website design, I learned to design emails. That’s probably my favorite thing is the psychology behind designing for digital marketing (web and email).


On a personal note, I love seeing and experiencing and eating everything I can try in this lifetime. I get bored easily, so no “hobbies” except freelancing, of course! In the small amount of free time I have, I enjoy sports, reading and my puppies! I have a Pug and a Pit/Lab mix. Both are the cutest dogs in the world, in my albeit biased opinion.

If you like what you’ve read, let’s work together!