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Kate Bohnert

Designer and Owner, Kate Bohnert

About me, my experience and some other tidbits…

I design anything. I mean ANYTHING that you need designed. And I love it, even though my full-time and my freelancing can consume every second of my life at times, I still love it.


I have been designing for over 10 years. I began learning pre-press at a printing company, experienced six years in the finance industry, a year in entertainment and gaming and now I’m learning so much in the food and beverage industry. As I have lots of experience in lots of areas, I can say I’m a) a PRO at disclosures b) a master at tasting ice cream and c) most importantly all-knowing in the world of design. Just kidding about the all-knowing…

My career started in print design (pre-press, business cards, logo design, brochures, forms, etc.) but after a few years doing that, I decided to broaden my horizons and I learned web design and email marketing. I’m not programmer or developer by any means, but I am a pro at html and css! While I learned website design, I learned to design emails. That’s probably my favorite thing is the psychology behind designing for digital marketing (web and email).


On a personal note, I love to try to see everything I can in this lifetime. I get bored easily, so no “hobbies” but I wouldn’t have time anyway with all the freelancing I do. I love sports and food and my puppies! I have a Pug and Pit/Lab mix. Both are the cutest dogs in the world, in my albeit biased opinion.

Let’s work together!