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Why WordPress Sites Are Awesome

I love designing websites, but let’s be honest. We all want to work smart, not hard. If you know a little bit of html & css code, plus some mad design skillz (this girl haha), I can whip you up a cool website in just a few weeks! So what is WordPress?

Security Tips for Your Websites

People take online security very lightly. I admit it. I do as well. What can I say? I’m a trusting person, but there are nerds with no lives out there who have nothing better than to play with your life, or lazy bums trying to steal your identity, so protect yourself!

Helpful Checklist for Wedding Invitations

There several questions that I always ask brides when beginning a wedding invitation project. Having these questions answered when we meet is a big help! Brides can start thinking through all the logistics and be prepared with these necessary answers so we can work together in the most effective and efficient manner possible, thus completing […]

Branding IS important!

Every business owner wants to save money. Some people use the cheapest way to communicate their products or services. Cost-effective and cheap are two different things. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to keep your customers and

The most nerve-racking thing I’ve done!

I’m sure there are things to still tweek, but, I’ve launched my freelance graphic design website, and company twitter and facebook page. (big sigh + super excited!) Doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but it IS a lot of work! And I don’t want to “look-a-fool”, so I was really nervous to just press […]