Envelopes First, Invitations Last

Invitation Postage

Quick Tips on how to and why you should choose your envelopes first, before the other details involved in wedding, shower and party invitations and other announcements.

1. Postage Revolves Around Envelopes – Choose Envelopes First!
2. Recognize Envelopes of “Odd Sizes” Require Additional Postage
3. Envelopes Weighing Over 1 Ounce Require Additional Postage
4. Take Advantage of Wedding Stamps – They’ll Save You Money & They’re Pretty
5. Pay Attention to Sealing – Make Sure Everything is Good & Stuck
6. Have Invitations Ready to Mail 6-8 Weeks in Advance
7. Bring One Finished Ensemble to the Post Office Determine Necessary Postage
8. While You’re at the Post Office, Send Yourself a Test
9. Double Check Addresses
10. Request Hand Cancellation at the Post Office