Helpful Checklist for Wedding Invitations

There several questions that I always ask brides when beginning a wedding invitation project. Having these questions answered when we meet is a big help! Brides can start thinking through all the logistics and be prepared with these necessary answers so we can work together in the most effective and efficient manner possible, thus completing the project quickly.

Print this list!

  1. What is your wedding theme and the colors you will incorporate in the big day? Your invitation is the sneak peak your guests will receive as to what the celebration will look like. Elegant, modern, relaxed, formal or retro–whatever it is, you will want to incorporate this style into your invitations.
  2. Is there a style you like?
    Any direction brides provide will help to ensure your falling in love with your invitations, so please look around on websites, Pinterest, etc. and have thoughts in mind. Even if you really don’t have many opinions, anything helps–even knowing what you don’t like.
  3. Do you have a particular size in mind?
    Remember, certain sizes require extra postage. Basically, any odd size or an especially thick/heavy finished invitation will require extra postage, such as layered invitations or square invitations.  Also, it’s a great idea to check with the post office after the invitations are completed, and even sending out a test invitation to make sure they will be sent with the postage you included.  See LCI Paper’s envelope questionnaire.
  4. Will you be doing envelope printing, labels or calligraphy?
    This is an important question to think about when deciding on envelopes. If you have colored envelopes, you want to make sure that they’re not too dark to hand write or print your return addresses. Printing on envelopes is an additional cost, but labels can be an economical alternative and can also be an attractive addition.
  5. How would you like your RSVP (if you are sending one)?
    Many couples marrying today don’t send RSVP cards, and with the technical-savvy generation, they prefer to get e-mails or texts, and some have wedding sites. If you decide to go with an RSVP card, will you be sending a return envelope, or do you prefer the post card style?
  6. Quantity?
    This question is key to an accurate quote. If you don’t have this number when we first meet, I will need your invite count shortly after before I can give you a quote. Make sure to include extras for keepsakes for yourself, parents, as well as extras in case address mistakes are made or envelopes are returned.


Don’t forget to consider engagement announcements/party invitations, save-the-date cards, shower invitations, bachelorette party invitations, reception table cards, wedding ceremony programs and thank you notes!