Hey You-Business Without a Website!

If you are still one of the few businesses without a website, you need one. Here’s why:

If for nothing else, every business who wishes to get known, needs a website. Your business won’t get attention online if you don’t have at least a website. Read how online searches work »

You may think that a lot of business is by recommendations or word-of-mouth, but with upcoming generations, we “Google” (the term that has fondly replaced the term “search online”) everything! I, personally, Google first, ask questions last. When I’m looking for say a mechanic, I will search “mechanic and my zip code. Then, I will ask friends and even turn to Facebook for a wide opportunity of suggestions and recommendations.

If you are content with staying flat on revenue, then you don’t need a website. If you are do not wish to become obsolete within the next decade–if not sooner– you need a website.

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