The Importance of Email Marketing

I have always been a big fan of email marketing in both the B2C and B2B worlds, although I didn’t know just how impactful email marketing is until I took an Email Strategy class the other day. Wow! And people think email is dead. Think again!

Email marketing

This infographic shows the importance of email marketing, and just how many channels of our digital lives it effects, and how emails can get your viewers’ attention from their favorite medium.

Yes, we all get TONS of emails a day, and getting a reader’s attention can be a challenge, but if you can get your reader to open, you’re in. Well, not quite, but it’s a half the battle.

What is the ROI?
The return on investment (ROI), to be honest can be argued, but data measurements don’t lie. If they click, you’ve got their interest. Now, yes, I may click on an item, then get diverted or want to think about my purchase, but the point is emails get people to your website. They get people interested, and keeps your brand in front of their faces.

Email Benchmarks for ROI
This Marketing Sherpa benchmark industry averages show that the measured ROI in the Business to Consumer world (B2C) is 114%-holy cow! (Note: this is across all industries, but that’s still a shockingly high number!)

Customer Acquisition
In fact, it is the second highest channel in customer acquisition, as this study shows:

The email channel continues to grow!

The email channel continues to grow!

In a survey done by US Digital Marketers in Q2 of this year, of all digital marketing programs that companies use to RETAIN their customer base, 56% (the highest of (Paid Search, Content Marketing, Social Media and several others) say that email is the the leader.

Email works more effectively when used with all channels of communication from your business. Integrate signups into your social media pages, your website. Advertise and incentivize to get email signups.

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