Website Design Checklist

When customers ask me to design a website, there are several things to think about:

Questions to Ask Before You Begin a Project

  1. What kind of business does your company run?
    Tell me all about your business structure, your culture, your products/services, etc. It helps me assess your company’s needs in terms of relative design, and it is also a gateway for strategic brainstorming.
  2. What/who is your target audience?
    This helps me get a better idea of what your company is comprised of. Is the typical customer knowledgeable of your product(s)/service(s)? Does the typical customer speak a different language? Demographics are also key. If your target audience is older, for example, we may need to use larger, clear fonts and high contrasting colors.
  3. What websites do you like and dislike and why?
    It is beneficial for me to see what appeals to you as far as layout, functions, style, colors–overall the feel of the website design.
  4. Are there any design features you’d like to see?
    Forms, blogs, search, photo galleries, etc.
  5. Who are your major competitors?
    Knowing your competitors will allow you to rule out any similarities between all of their existent design, helping me to create a more unique and centric design.
  6. How often would you like me to update you with progress?
    I don’t want to come off as either annoying or dependent upon your approval for every part of the project along the way, but  I need to know how often you’d like for me to check in with you, and to keep you updated.
  7. How do you envision the finished project?
    Describe your style, your colors, ANY direction you can provide will help to ensure your satisfaction with the project.
  8. When would you like the project to go live?
    It’s always as soon as possible, but the timeline I usually tell my customers is around 4-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes longer. The timeline depends on several instances, such as how large of a site we’re developing and if there is any special functionality requested, how quickly communication and approvals go back-and-forth and how many revisions are made.

Hope this helps kick off our project!

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